Green Elettropompe

Green Elettropompe comes from a technical intuition in the field of mechanical linked to the sector of electric submersible pumps. An intuition from which originates the first prototype, patented in 2012. We decided to launch the first mass-production electric submersible pump P60 a little later, in contrast to the logic of programmed obsolescence.

Technological innovation was immediately flanked by a strong business ethics aimed to develop products with efficient and eco-friendly materials and systems.


To develop a range of products with low environmental impact, reliable, long lasting and following a philosophy of sustainable development.
To create a virtuous circle to recover raw materials and to favor the use of clean and renewable energies.

We want a different world, where the respect for the environment and people’s health come first. Water is an essential element for life and us of Green Elettropompe we apply all our knowledge to build technological systems for a sustainable water management.


Competition “Crescere con Banca Marche” 2012
1° place
Category “Giovani Under 35″