General terms of guarantee

All GREEN ELETTROPOMPE products are covered by guarantee, as required by law.
The guarantee is granted to:
· 24 months from date of purchase with documentation providing evidence of buying;
· 24 months from the serial number of the product, in the absence of that documentation.

Conditions applied:


a) The guarantee works on the goods in accordance with laws.
b) The guarantee covers construction and processing defects of materials, of GREEN ELETTROPOMPE products.
c) The guarantee is limited to repair or replacement of malfunctioning or defective parts. These operations will be carried in GREEN ELETTROPOMPE or, at its discretion, in external trust workshops (GREEN ELETTROPOMPE Authorised Service Centres).
d) For guarantee repairs, the customer must be in compliance with the payments. The goods must be received in free port and will be resent in free port. The material must be accompanied by a copy of documents valid for tax purposes, proving the effective buying and from which the model can be clearly identified. In absence of that document, a thirty-month guarantee will be granted, with effect from the date of manufacture indicated on the rating plate of the product.
e) The guarantee is void if:
– disassembly or repair were made by persons not authorized by GREEN ELETTROPOMPE;
– the malfunctioning results from incorrect installation and/or electrical connection, tampering, improper use or beyond the limits of use, specified in the instructions; submersible pumps must be received complete of any jointing of the cable;
– corrosive, chemically/physically aggressive liquids or sandy water have been pumped, without prior express consent of GREEN ELETTROPOMPE; galvanic currents, unauthorized technical modifications or inadequate electrical protection;
– the damage complained depends on the normal wear resulting from the wear and tear of materials;
– the maintenance has been insufficient or the installation does not comply with current regulations;
– the damage is the result of an incorrect technique selection of the product;
– the damages complained have been reported aCer the deadlines of D.L.G.S.2/2/2002 n.° 24, which reference is made to, in each case;
– in the absence of both the delivery fiscal document and the identification plate, proving the date of delivery or construction, no guarantee will be granted.
Guarantee is not applied to new and never installed products and still sealed in the original packaging. Any damage discovered after delivery must be reported to the transporter/ forwarder with notation on the delivery receipt. They must also be communicated in writing to GREEN ELETTROPOMPE within eight days of receipt of goods.


GREEN ELETTROPOMPE products are warranted according to the current provisions of law.
GREEN ELETTROPOMPE, at its discretion, grant the guarantee and will repair or replace the defective product in the shortest time possible.
The grant of guarantee does not entitle to request for direct and indirect damages caused by the GREEN ELETTROPOMPE products.
Any question relating to the guarantee does not permit or give authorization to the customer to suspend payments or other
contractual obligations.