Ecosolar Series

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Stand-alone photovoltaic system for water pumping stations. Ecosolar converts solar energy obtained from photovoltaic panels, into 230 Volts alternating current. The unused energy is stored in batteries. Unlike conventional inverter systems, which regulate motor speed according to irradiation available, Ecosolar, thanks to electric batteries, guarantees the operation of the electric pump at the highest regimes, even in the total absence of sunlight. Ecosolar is also an electric power supply system in case of emergency, in fact, it is designed to be connected to the electrical network. In this way the system uses the current network as a priority, but during blackouts it uses the energy of the panels and batteries, ensuring the operation of the electric pump. Safe and reliable, it can be used to power any users at 230 Volts, with compatible power. The LCD display makes it intuitive and easy to use.


It’s designed for both continuous and intermittent working, it’s particularly suitable for all installation in remote locations and for applications such as irrigation of fields and greenhouses, watering animals and pressurization generally.


Max power output: 2000 Watt (1×230 V ±5%)
Minimum autonomy in the absence of sun : 60 minutes at 750 Watt

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