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469,00 + IVA

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Easy Solar is a water pumping system powered by solar energy, without storage batteries.

It is mainly used for lifting water from wells or tanks, for the accumulation of water in basins or accumulation tanks.

The system is made up of photovoltaic modules, a control unit and a submersible electric pump.

The sale price refers to the inverter unit only.

Pump and panels are sized according to the needs of the individual system.


The photovoltaic modules power the control unit which converts the input energy into alternating current to power the electric pump. As the solar radiation varies, the control unit increases or decreases the engine revs. The system exploits the solar radiation available throughout the day, to fill one or more tanks located upstream of the system and reuse the water by gravity. The system works without electric storage batteries. of energy.


Maximum power output: 3 kWatt

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